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> All ESTs sequences (254639) come from 10 different libraries :

    Se1E : Spodoptera exigua (kindly provided by S. Herrero).
    Sf1F : Fat body.
    Sf1H : Hemocyte.
    Sf1M : Midgut.
    Sf1P : Pool of various tissues.
    Sf2H : Immune Challenged hemocytes.
    Sf2L : Sf21 Cell lines sequences from R. CLEM.
    Sf2M : Xenobiotic Induced Midgut.
    Sf9L : Sf9 cell lines sequences.
    Sf9LR : Sf9 cell line from G. Rohrmann.

  They correspond to either 3' or 5' (sometimes both) readings of a total of 69986 clones (sequence identification contains 13 digits).
  Correspondance of 5' and 3' readings are indicated in the Sequence report.

> ESTs have been sorted either as singlet (86786) or within clusters (14654).

> Sequences belonging to clusters were assembled into consensus sequence called contigs (in future release), some clusters giving rise to several contigs.
   Sequences were compared against several databases: NCBI nr, Bombyx mori dbEST, Uniprot.

> GOSlimontology will be included in future release.

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